Using the Amazon Echo/Alexa in Australia

As with my obsession with new gadgets, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Amazon Echo. Without checking how to actually get it working in Australia, I promptly ordered it from Amazon US via a freight forwarder.

First issue, timezone

Amazon clearly state that the Echo does not work outside of the US, but conveniently there is a timezone that matches up nicely to Melbourne. You can use any in Guam such as 96910. I don't think this will work for Daylight Savings. Will worry about that when it comes around.

You can actually set the correct timezone by making a request to the unit, however I have not tried this yet.

What can you even use it for?

I have some natively compatible devices including:

For my other smart devices such as the Harmony, Automatic and Sonos, you can control them via IFTTT and Yonomi.

What did I even end up using it for?

I wasn't sure at first, but my favourite features and skills so far is:

What I'd like to be able to do