I've been on the hunt for a new wallet for a while now, but everyone seems to be doing the same thing. That's why I was intrigued when I came across the Djin by Koala Gear on Kickstarter.

I finally received mine in the mail, so figured I would put down some thoughts whilst it's fresh and others will be looking into them.

Build Quality

The quality is umm, a little rough. I realise it's their first generation, so perhaps they need a while to refine their process still. The cut outs of the leather where the magnetic corners join , don't sit very flush and already look 'worn'.

Even the arrow to show you where to open the wallet is very rough. I'd prefer this wasn't even there.

And the Djin logo etched into the leather on the top, actually looks like a scratch. And the first 2 people that I showed the wallet to (who have never seen the logo before), commented as such. I'm assuming the polyester model looks better than the leather.


The magnets seem to be just the right strength. Highly unlikely to open by itself in your bag, but you don't have to be Thor to open it either.

I have the RFID-blocking card sitting on top, although I'm not sure if this serves any real world purpose. This might get ditched when I need more card space.

I am loving the actions so far;

The Stash

The size of the compartment is probably too small if anything. It's not tall enough to fit a normal size ring. I don't have a YubiKey on me to measure if that fits in there, but that would be a good place to store it. Otherwise, any SD card, or sim card when travelling would fit great.


Obviously the build and assembly quality needs some work.

I wish my Tile Slim would fit in the coin area. It's a fraction too wide.

I'd also like to see some cushioning in the coin area so it doesn't sound like a packet of Tic Tac's in your pocket when you are walking.

I would be super keen for a more refined second generation Djin, but will enjoy carrying this wallet around in the mean time.