Pixel 2 XL Australian Review

You may see a common trend here with my tech purchases. I pre-ordered my Pixel 2 XL via Google, but the delivery time was still 3+ weeks away. JB Hi-Fi had stock in-store on day 1, so I couldn’t help myself.

There’s a bunch of good reviews out there, but I thought I would put some notes down after playing with the Australian Pixel 2 64GB for 24 hours.

The Screen

The Pixel 2 XL screen now has rounded corners. A lot of apps still don’t know what to do with this yet, but everything else seems to look nice with it.

The screen does have a very obvious blue tint if you are looking at any angle but directly in front of you. This is kind of annoying if you are lying in bed, or your car cradle isn’t lined up to you perfectly. I’m unsure if I will get use to this or not yet.

The OLED colours are pretty bland in comparison to everything else out there, but Google have already announced they will enable colour ranges larger than sRGB via a software update which is good news.

Fingerprint Reader

It’s fast. Damn fast.

Front Face

The dimensions of the phone are nearly identical to the Pixel (it’s a fraction taller), yet the screen is so much taller now with smaller bevels top and bottom. It’s a way better use of the available real estate.

Back Face

The back has the same familiar glass top, but the lower section has a new textured feel to it which is great. Not too slippy, not too grippy.


It’s so good to have my front facing speakers back since they went AWOL on the Pixel.

Headphone Jack


I still prefer my wired QC25’s, but this is wireless headphone thing is just something I will have to just come to accept because it's not coming back.