Jaybird X3 Review

I haven't done a tech review for a while, and I thought this would be a good product as I was skeptical before purchasing.

These earphones include a bunch of technologies which I don't like; wireless, apps and non-USB chargers.


Wireless is great in theory but just not reliable enough as a technology. But these headphones do manage it quite well. It has Bluetooth 4.1 so it's easy on the battery and you can pair multiple devices. If you bump your phone around a lot, you might notice slight glitches and skips in the audio. But I suppose if you are exercising, then perfect audio quality isn't going to be a priority for you anyway.


I'm no audiophile, but these earphones do sound great. Compared to my Bose SoundSport (wired), they are definitely a richer sound.


They come with a phone app, Jaybird MySound, that lets you set your EQ listening preference. The cool thing here is that it actually adjusts the firmware in the earphones so that they keep the same sound signature even if you connect to any another device.


The battery does last ages. They say 8 hours officially, but I am getting more than that.

The downside here is that they changed the charger to a stupid proprietary port that connects to the earphone controller. Basically, if you lose your charging adapter, they are useless. You have been warned!


This is the best part of the X3's. In the pack you get 6 sets of in-ear moulds and 3 sets of different wing sizes. It does take a long time of messing around with combinations to find your perfect fit. So if they don't feel right at first, keep adjusting them!

You can also wear these over or under the ear, however, they don't really explain how to do this well, so just watch this instead:

The low down

Overall I actually quite like these earphones. I haven't been running properly in them yet, so that will be the true test. But just around the gym it's actually more handy than I thought having no wires hanging around.