Join 2 AVI files on a Mac OS X 10.5

This took me way too much time to work out on Snow Leopard…

It used to be an easy process using Quicktime Pro on Leopard (10.5), but since the update to Snow Leopard (10.6) and Quicktime/Pro going to Quicktime X this is no longer so easy!

I tried a bunch of different programs (ffmpegX, MPEG Streamclip, Submerge) and could not get this simple task working. I had a bunch of errors, mostly I couldn’t get the audio to work in the final output. I then found D-Vision. Here are my steps to join 2 AVI files on Snow Leopard (Mac):

  1. You may want to install Perian first, which adds support for a bunch of video formats to your Mac. This may or may not be useful depending on your original video format. (There is no real harm in installing it if you’re unsure.)

  2. Open D-Vision 3 (I am using 3.2.2 for this example).

  3. Click on the Tools button.

Join AVI Files Screenshot 1

  1. Select Join avi files

Join AVI Files Screenshot 2

  1. Drag your split AVI files from Finder (Desktop etc.) into the Files to join area.

  2. Click Create Task

Join AVI Files Screenshot 3

  1. Click Launch

Join AVI Files Screenshot 4

Wait a few minutes (mine took about 3 minutes to join 2 x 700MB AVI files on a 2.53GHz Macbook Pro) Enjoy your newly joint AVI file!