Oura Ring Review

The Oura Ring originally started from a Kickstarter campaign where it did $650,000 of it’s $100,00 goal!

After waiting for international shipping to Australia, and Kevin Rose dropping his discount code in a live Facebook video, I couldn't wait any longer to pull the trigger on this new gadget.

What size Oura Ring do I get?

If you have no idea what size your finger/s are, then you can get a free ring sizing kit sent to you first. The Oura ring sizing kit which includes plastic imitations from sizes 6 to 13.

Because it’s a fairly bulky ring it’s not a bad idea to try this out first to make sure you can get it off you knuckle again to charge it. It’s also not a bad opportunity to wear your plastic ring for a few days before you receive your working Oura to get use to the feel.

Shipping the Oura Ring to Australia was insanely quick too. I had the Oura Ring sizing kit AND the real ring shipped within a week of my order.

Oura Ring Sizing Kit
Spot the Oura

Side note: this is actually a super clever sales tactic in itself. You have customers pre-paying for your product, and this eliminates any returns for wrong ring sizes later on.

The Guts

There are 3 main sensors in the Oura Ring:


I know their photos show it as glossy, but it definitely takes a bit to get use to. I’ve also never worn a ring before, so maybe that adds to the shock factor?

Even with their amazing engineering, it is still fairly large and looks a little odd on a smaller female hand. However, you can actually rotate it 180 degrees, and wear the large side on the inside fairly comfortably.

Whilst it's probably quite large relative to a normal ring, it's crazy to think about how much tech they can fit inside this thing. Especially with a ~3 battery.


The main reason I purchased the Oura was for the sleep tracking which is meant to be more accurate than previous wrist-worn devices.


Oura seem to be pushing their updates through fairly frequently. I've already seen the Oura Android app get some nice updates such as a progress bar when uploading data from the ring to the app.

And it looks like their web UI is in the works where you can access the data without the app.


I'm still getting use to this device, so will report back when I have more information!