Preventing vBulletin Spam Updated

Update (September 2016): I'm not longer running a vBulletin forum so there may be better ways of doing this now.

My previous attempt worked well for a while, but it appears the spammers have increased their efforts!

The problem with that solution is that it is still using server resources to filter out bad IP ranges, so a more effective way to stop them is on a DNS level (before it even hits your server). This is where Cloudflare comes into play.

Cloudflare give you a pretty awesome plan for free. You can upgrade for a bit more control and some extra features, but the free plan is more than enough to get you started.

What I did was take my previous list of IP's and do an IP lookup on the major culprits. You can add these via the 'Threat Control' screen.

Since my website is 100% Australian focussed, I have no issues if other countries can't access it. This might not be the case for you though.

These are the countries I blocked entirely from my website (in no particular order):

Instantly spam was brought to a halt again, and strain reduced on my server.

I am starting to get a little spam from USA but it's tolerable for the moment.