Startup Company Game Tips

I love trying out new games, and this Startup Company popped up on special on Steam over the Christmas break, so I thought I would give it a spin.

There isn’t a lot of information out there on how to play this game, or many even that many tips, so I wanted to jot down a few to make it easier for someone new to get into this game.

Please note that I was playing version 'Beta 13.10', and it looks like it’s being developed fairly rapidly, so things might have changed a bit since the time of writing.

Startup Company game screenshot

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

I was stuck with 1 active user for my fancy “YouFlix” product for way too long before I realised you have to drop serious cash on marketing. Just using text ads is fine to get you started. But eventually, you will want to be maxing out all 3 kinds of marketing (text/image/email).

But the earlier you can drop cash into marketing, the quicker the rewards will be.

Always Have a Plan B

Make sure you’re always covered in each area. Losing a staff member at a crucial time can be a huge setback. So make sure you have as much staff coverage as you can afford.

HR Manager-who?

As far as I could tell, you don’t need a HR Manager. I’m not sure how much optimising their work hours really has of effect.

Feng Shui

The office decorations have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your employees. I suspect this dial will get turned way down in future, but by a bunch of Christmas Trees and max out that office.

Vacation Time

As soon as your staff member mood drops in the sad face zone, just send them on vacation. You don’t want them to be low for more than 2-3 days in a row depending on how fussy they are, or else they will quit.

This rule applies especially to developers and designers as you lose the research you have done on existing modules for them.

Contract Work

Once your products become profitable and you can clear $1,000/day, you can cut back to 1 Sales Executive and just pick the easy contracts and then pitch too high on the rest. Once you are clearing $10,000/day, you might as well fire them and focus on your own products.

Hosting Uptime

Make sure you always have the resources to upgrade your servers when necessary. For my products, they were peaking between about 8pm. So as soon as they were hitting above 50% server load, I was adding an extra server to the stack.

Losing a server is a big setback, and a very expensive loss of resources.

It wasn’t until I got to about 5 Large Servers that I started investing time in increasing the efficiency of my products. And investing in those more efficient Operating Systems.

Overall Thoughts

It was definitely fun getting the company off the ground. Although once we were clearly profitable, it becomes very tedious trying to upgrade your products. Also trying to catch the Facebook-like competitors with 1 billion is just unrealistic. It's still a fun game to burn a few hours. I look forward to playing it more in future when it's a bit better balanced and more refined.