My Top iPhone Games

During my downtime, e.g. waiting in lines, I try to stay amused by a quick iPhone game. Here are some of my favourites that I think are worth purchasing. Most of these have a lite or free version, so always try it out first, and see what you think before buying.

Plants vs Zombies Icon

Plants vs Zombies

This one is a classic game that is also available on Mac and PC. It is easy to use on the iPhone, and even once you have finished the game there is still a bit to do in finishing the bonus challenges. It can get quite tricky in parts, so be sure to read your Almanac carefully, and experiment with all plants to see what works for you.

Angry Birds Icon

Angry Birds

This game took a little longer to get into, but there is definitely a long term gameplay here. It isn?t that hard to finish the game, but once again, you feel obliged to go back through and get 3 stars on each level. There is quite a bit of skill and strategy in this game, and numerous ways to use each type of bird to accomplish the goal.

Big Buck Hunter Pro Icon

Big Buck Hunter Pro

I am a little bias on this one since I am easily hooked on the arcade style version you find in dingy pubs. The gameplay is quite short in this iPhone game once you get the hang of the 18 areas, but it is still fun trying to get a Triple Buck on each. The other good feature is the online scoreboard and the arcade game finder in case you get really desperate for some more Buck Hunting action!